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Use the Table of Contents below to go to the different sections of the manual For information about installing ContentBarrier and updating the program and its filters with Intego NetUpdate, see the Intego Getting Started Manual.. Welcome to the User Manual for ContentBarrier, Intego's parental control program for Mac OS X.. If you have several children, you can set different limitations corresponding Intego has been making security and utility software exclusively for Apple products since 1997.

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ContentBarrier works with multiple users, and interfaces seamlessly with the Mac OS X user accounts on your computer.. ContentBarrier Secure X9 Review – #1 Mac Parental Control & Security App Intego ContentBarrier X9 goes about as your kids’ advanced gatekeeper or you might say a digital guardian at whatever point they go on the web.. It’s anything but difficult to set up adjustable profiles that check Internet usage and activities and stop grown-up content.

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intego contentbarrier review